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Steve Masterson


Steve Masterson DJ and Producer
I started to get involved into Techno Music long long ago by going to legendary Techno clubs. Being fascinated of the atmosphere at the clubs and of the music of course, I soon began to spin records myself. Then my live changed unfortunatelly which had the result that the Music didn't play a very big part anymore.
But Techno was still inside my heart & mind and so I came back to this music, to this "way of live". I began listing to it again and recorded a lot of new Sets. And also with the possibility of new, achievable and more advanced equipment I started producing Techno myself.
This year I'm looking forward to gigs, podcasts and my Tracks to be released. So stay tuned!
Discography: Cypralexxx - Crisply Synapsis Collection on Hybrid Confusion May 2011 / Edronaxic - "Techno Cartel" on Triskel Tech Reccordings out September 2011
OUT SOON: Phonograph Remix - by Florian Göttler on Musikpropaganda / Wide open doors / R3sistance Compilation on Bunk3r R3cords / Melted Infusion Remix - by DjNinnaV on Bunk3r R3cords

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