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Stereo Productions

Madrid, Spain House Tech House Deep House Techno +1

Stereo was born more than a decade ago in the Iberican Peninsula. As a result of the crossing of its two founding cultures, Spain and Portugal. Chus & Ceballos joined forces with a unique goal, to create a collective of artists with a common style and sound quality that would provide music and entertainment for audiences.
Based in Madrid, Spain, nowadays Stereo represents the most influential Spanish electronic music label and focuses on brand-new, world-class talent. It's cutting-edge music is transmitted worldwide, especially the Iberican Sound, the hallmark of the group.

Stereo has a weekly issued radio & podcast show presented by Chus & Ceballos. The label has had countless dancefloor, underground and chart topping hits from some of the biggest and most exciting names in the industry and from fresh, new talent alike. Stereo Productions has received several music awards during its career, demonstrating its recognition in the industry. Today, Stereo Productions is an outstanding trademark in the international dance music scene and has strategic marketing relationships with organizations around the globe.
Stereo Productions prides itself on being a trendsetter in the industry. They are a professional team that provide high quality music and poignantly delivers to their countless fans, the real underground essence of the Iberican Sound!

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