Key Commands

Steffano Moraes

Brazil Progressive House

Excitement and positive emotions are feelings that go together in the songs of Steffano Moraes. Valuing the song’s melody, this DJ worries with the vibe of the party and he always has, up in his sleeve, a Progressive House loaded with positives feelings that he desires to put in everybody’s heart.

His repertoire is chosen to make the party go crazy with a lot of emotions and happiness with the objective to transcend the mood, traveling to places that just this DJ can take you. His songs always have the characteristics of the mainstream, weighing more on melodic pop songs side. Till now he has few followers but the connection and empathy with this artist are so huge that easily gets to people that stills doesn`t know him.

Steffano Moraes has some songs that were released by some labels like Club G Records from Asia and Superbia Records from Italy. He has support of Top DJ Pete Tha Zouk. Steffano won some contests of songs and the most important was the remix contest promoted by Rafael Castro. In this contest, the winner song was released by Quartzo Records, label that has support of DJ Bl3nd and Sikdope.

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