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Ezio Centanni A.K.A.Spiritual Blessings

Italy Deep House

Dj/Producer. He founded SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS Duo with Jean Poul Francois. Now owner & Studio Engineer of GOTTA KEEP FAITH RECORDS, he's working full time for high quality house music.
Crazy Eclectic Dj-Producer of SPIRITUAL BLESSINGS duo, now works full time into Gotta Keep Faith Records, producing and selling high quality music, notwithstanding hard times for good music. I keep the FAITH!

Dj Ezio has over 40, in '81 began his adventure in Radio. In '86 Ezio has great idea to start one of the best House Radio Stations in Italy, Controradio (24 hours per day mixed music). In '97 Ezio goes in touch with dj-producer Costantino Mixmaster Padovano

In 2006, Ezio & Jean Poul Francois started own records label Gotta Keep Faith Records with mission to promote new talented Dj's around the world. This record label produced 60 releases in 3 years, all high quality. Now Spiritual Blessings have launched the second records label all funky, jazz and breaks flavoured, Sobra Recordings and started a music distribution representing the Dj Rico & Pierre Garcia’s French label Nu deep Music, GramophoneDzie’s label Disko Zoo and new labels like Spirit Sound Records, ViaLocal, Digital Vinyl.
Nowadays own Recordings Studio is specialized in audio mastering and digital services.

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