Key Commands


Techno House Electronica / Downtempo

Born in the 80th's and grown up in Dusseldorf DJ soy|r aka Markus received his first drums as a gift of his father at the age of 12. As soon Markus started creating sound with deep banging basses and crashing cymbals as a first step. Later in his life he listened to an unknown radio sound: hard, deep and electronic. In those days Hardcore was his second step into electronic music and he fell in love with hard and fast basslines. In those days Markus exactly knew where to put his energy: into electronic music! Therefore he spent all of his time and money into the desirable turntables. From this day onward Markus uses every single moment creating music. His amibition brings him further into a high degree of deejaying. In his techno sounds Markus communicates his emotions and shares it with his listeners. Beeing a part of a club foundation in Dusseldorf in 2008, soy|r was born. His confession says: Electronic music was his first love and will also be his last

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