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Soulless Sun

Regina, SK, Canada Electro House Progressive House House +2

DJ/producer Soulless Sun taps into the heart of dance music's modern era by blending traditional dance music with future sounds. His balanced approach incites dance floors in the electronic music world. That perspective also sets a stage for his ever evolving sound.

At 8 years old, the multi-instrumentalist discovered hip hop from his older brother. Being fascinated in the production of synthesized sounds and music evolution, he began to dabble with a music production program called Fruity Loops at age 14. It wasn't until years later at the age of 22 that he started producing hip hop and R&B with his good friend Breez E (Cuthbert Mwale) that he decided to take production seriously. Then 2 years later he met Judge WT (Judge Eilers) who taught him to DJ and showed him how he could make music and perform it for the world.

Since then, Soulless Sun has performed at many sold out events in his local area. After a year's residency at Gabbo's Nightclub (Regina, SK) he has now decided to pursue new endeavours by leading a group of electronic musical artists perform in downtown Regina SK. His goals are to bring an awareness to electronic music scene in his area and create an original body of work to be respected.

As a result, the best way to truly know Soulless Sun is to immerse yourself in his work. Music, being timeless, is meant as an escape from the physical world.

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