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Sonic Boom

Electro House Progressive House Hard Dance +2

Hello And Welcome Everyone Thank You All For Stoping By My Beatport DJ Page my real name Is Silvino Ferreira I was born in the country of Portugal in Europe I come to the United States at the age of three years old And have been here ever sense As a child I had alot of passion and love for music and intil this day I still do I purchased my first pair of Technic 1200 turntables at the age of 16 years old till this day that I still own A true DJ never sales his Equipment no mater what I had told her I sold them but I never did right there show's you what kind of love I had for music I played music for little while till I was the age of 21 years old I did alot of private party's and get togethers for a while And then one day a friend of mine mat that I will never forget from East Brunswick NJ told me about a spin off that the Radio Station103.5 KTU New York was throwing at the fair grounds in East Brunswick NJ So I entered in it and took first place in the competition against three other DJ's It was that day And that moment in life that I knew who I was and where I standed in the music world I was separated for little while away from something I loved and devoted my time to my music at the age of 21 because of an ex girl friend of mine that I had at the moment she couldn't expect my life style and she couldn't expect me for who I was in life But now I'm back and I'm here to stay and nothing will ever make me go away from something I loved sense I was a child my Music I know Alot has changed over the years with music and the producers that produce our music tracks today from all over the world but now I'm here and ready to deliver some wicked beats and step up a notch and take it to whole new level with my Progressive Electro House Beats and vibes to make a crowed go Insane and lose control and make you feel like your not on planet earth anymore 2012 is here and the producing of my own tracks is in works as we speak Sonic Boom is her to stay and he's here to please his fans and his crowed and hit em with some crazy basses and some wicked electro vibe beats and make you feel alive and happy inside My fans are happy I'm happy that's what I'm all about hit em hard with the beats
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