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Sofia, Bulgaria Drum & Bass

Born in 1979, Ivan Kostadinov aka Smartech is a producer and DJ based out in Sofia (Bulgaria). Raised in a family with very wide music culture, he got into music from a very early age. His love for music evolved through years many different genres, covering various styles, but finally a true passion for Drum and Bass became his muse and later the focus of his production.
Favoring as the darker, heavier side of Drum and Bass music influenced by Bad Co. UK, Noisia and other labels and artists from the back then emerging tech-step scene, as also the deeper & soulful side of the label ‘Good Looking Records’.
Playing music, becoming a part of the underground music scene, being guest DJ in many gigs & festivals, as also being a host for such music events, become through years more than just a dream come true, as more like the lead path to a bigger ones.
In 2006, together with his friend Presize, Smartech become part of the Bulgarian drum and bass duo ‘DRUMROLLERZ’. After several local parties, as a crew, it was time for a serious step forward. The great inspiration for both Smartech & Presize to join into the dark and dangerous sound were the Dutch NOISIA (Vision Recordings) and that’s how they come to the idea to invite the leader of the trio for a very 1st time in Bulgaria. After the massive success and the subsequent number of local parties, DRUMROLLERZ now present some of the emblematic figures in the global drum and bass scene as EBK (Renegade Hardware), The Sect (Offkey Recordings), Dj Syze (Bassline Agency), Masheen (Contaminated Recordings) and more.
With a lot of hard work behind his back, Smartech is now involving in many different projects. After further developing his own unique sound and style Forthcoming in 2013 music releases for well-known labels ‘Funkstuff recordings’, TargetDog Recordings and yet many more sound design works, productions & collaborations on the way.

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