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Levin Scheips aka Slevin

Bielefeld, Germany Techno Electronica / Downtempo Minimal / Deep Tech Tech House +1

Levin Scheips born 1985 is a german electronic music artist based in bielefeld, nord rhein westfalia.

On stage Levin has found his own unique style to perform live with a bunch of controlers in combination with a classic dj act. The sound he plays is depending on the event but mostly in a kind of deep and driving techno that comes with a intense energy. Peaktime music

On the other hand in his studio levin is further more used to produce calm and melodical tunes. The releases and podcasts he builds are much more atmospheric, frisky and progressive. His Remix of „Pleasures“ from Max Cooper & BRAIDS or „Creatures“ from Ryan Davis & Applescal are two decent examples for this musical fashion.


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