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Simone Elle

Italy Tech House

I have drawn near to the music to the 15 year-old age.I had many friends dj, that brought me with them during their evenings, to enter that world magic fact of colors and sounds for me it was really unique.but I didn't want to be the spectator anymore, I dreamt to be me that person, that divinity that during the night it animated of colors that disco.
It was so how definite to begin to make music, for before thing I learned to play, thing that today I do still,I love more and to compose the music, to enter that world, to sentimentally enter the music, to marry it and to cohabit us.only a musician can understand what he really tries when a good is composed, any it is the kind,but climbing on the console you can transmit what you love to the people.and this my mission.this and Simone Elle this is my music.

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