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Silva Vieira

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

DJ Silva Vieira is active in the DJ scene. 4 years He came several times as the winner in major DJ contests. One of them was organized in Y Spijkenisse country in which he had left more than 60 DJs and country Y as best DJ in 2012 passed by with a top prize of 1,500 euros and the title. This dj not want to be seen as one of the many Latin DJs, but as a DJ who brings in adult house sounds heard. Apparently he was a taste good because then he decided, in order to create, to participate in several DJ contests. Part branding This has not gone unnoticed and he repeatedly declared the winner.
In summary we can say that he is young in age, but definitely matured in his style and choice of records. No doubt that you will hear about Silva Vieira in the future. Much
Silva Vieira has its own unique sound that stands out from the rest. Through his house climaxes he knows again to conquer. Repeatedly the hearts of his audience

This year, Silva Vieira on miscellaneous province's been like:

Won dj contests 2013/statussen.
In consequence, he has also been on a number of regional newspapers.

Y-Country - # 1
Boss of the square - 5 #
Spring Brake - # 2
TWSTD - # 2
Summer Spectacle at the lake - 2 #
D-dae Festival - # 1
United DJs - # 2
Beach Tree - # 1 (first round)

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