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Minimal / Deep Tech Techno

Rusmir Poturović SightCell, born 26.02.1991, and already as early teenagers realized his passion for electronic music, more precisely, as a thirteen-year-old boy was obsessed with electronic music greats such as Prodigy, Carl Cox, Dave Clark and Faithless. The first excursion into the world of electronic music was a recording of his first dj set using Virtual DJ. Later research on the internet and various forums, fans of electronic music has been met with then expanding Traktor and started using it since I was fourteen. At age 15 appearances for the first time in a well-known hangout for members of the underground electronic music, called AG Club, where it started. Since then he has met many colleagues from the makers and producers, among whom was his best friend, Worda, who directed him in world production, and showed him how things really are on the scene, without any beating about the bush. From that day SighCell Word and cooperate in all fields, which resulted with Ep-called Dolby Brain Technology. Today SightCell digs deep into the underground world of electronic music and is constantly in the studio working on new tracks. His style could be briefly described as a blend of experimental techno and industrial with the addition of underground sound. SighCell name that promises the world of electronic music!

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