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United Kingdom House

UK based producer Shockaddict has become a staple within the UK club scene, acknowledged for his chameleon-like ability to combine genres into a cohesive sound all his own. While growing up in Birmingham England, he was drawn to both the urban and the electronic sounds of the 90's. From an early age, he began producing Hip Hop instrumentals for his friends. As his musical taste grew, so did his musical knowledge. After he began DJing at parties, he found his love for house music. Since then he has stayed busy, releasing single after single and remixing everything he could lay his hand upon. He has produced official theme songs for a few Youtube personailties, including The HodgeTwins, Typical Gamer and Olli43. Plus a theme for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V. And after years of honing his sound and getting signed to a few record labels. In 2015 he plans to release his first ever album entitled 'Retrospective'.

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