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Greetings... My name is Stack Bauer, but I am better known by my my producer/dj name of Shadowfall. Occasionally I use the alternative personna of LeVont when I feel particularly rowdy. I would like to think of myself as a "veteran of music", having been involved with music on many levels for well over 30 years. Whether it was while performing on oboe in various symphonic organizations including the prestigious US Air Force Band, engineering sound or lighting for rock acts such as Shooting Star, George Thorogood, Utopia, Donnie Iris and many more, or performing on guitar, keyboards, bass or percussion with indie rock groups like Phyz, Beggar's Velvet and others. Producing and performing music of many varieties has been an ongoing passion that began at a very early age, as I feel that I have grown up alongside rock as it morphed and matured into many forms and eventual genres.

Various stints as a host for FM radio broadcasts throughout the years kept me interested in broadcasting, and eventually led to the building and launching of Overdrive Underground ( to help lend ears to those that need them the most, the hard working independent artists. Having been an indie all of my musical life, I know first hand how difficult it is to find support for one's craft. It was from ODU and it's eventual format change to EDM music that two electronic dance music labels, Andromeda Recordings and Elliptical Recordings were born, with the same mission of putting the emphasis back on the music itself, as opposed to the circles of artists affiliated with high profile electronic labels and the support they pledge to one another to keep themselves that way.

Djing and electronic music production was a seemingly logical progression that stemmed from an early age desire to perform solo, whether strumming along with tapes on a guitar, or eventually creating recordings that featured myself on all instruments. As the age of VST's and digital production matured, I found myself falling in love with the synthesizer all over again, such as I had while listening to groups like Emerson, Lake & Palmer or Yes, when the synthesizer was only for rich kids and rock stars. Trance and Progressive replaced Rock as my primary musical focus, and the life-long dream of being able to perform and release music that I created was finally realized

My desire is to continue to combine all of the experience brought forth by each phase of my life. Performance aspects and technical elements of the live band coupled with the power a Dj can have over a party of any size has already proved to be a winning combination for a few outstanding talents. As time and recourses allow, Shadowfall performances will grow to incorporate more and more aspects of the live performance. The passion of music and the need to share this joy is at the basis of my life force. I hope we can share this joy together.

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