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Our Lady of Peace, Bolivia Drum & Bass Dubstep Electro House +1

Since 2010 Sergio "Sezé" Javier had and have Crazy-wild ideas with the mixing and learning of the culture of sound, Sezé is going to release this year some tracks that will put his society and beyond upside down!

Electro, Bass and a lot of imagination its what we can espect. Enjoying the life each minute and always creating a new kind of mix for the next presentation.

Sezé has played with some recognized Djs like: Dj Rekha (NY), Suzuka (Bra.), Steve Bravo (Tech Bross), The DJ-U members, Alex Lieber (EUN Records) and many others!

Playing in a lot of presentations and events at Country level, the beats and news will go on, and it seems that he dont want some rest 'till you get enough!

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