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Our Lady of Peace, Bolivia Deep House Indie Dance / Nu Disco Techno +1

Since 2010 Sergio Javier (a.k.a. Sezé) Dj/Produccer - It is the third generation of his family as dj's - Son of Javier Quisbert (80's Pacha/Casablanca/Forum)

Mixing and promoting Electronic Scene in his country, around different dancefloors & events.

With a lot of Dj's friends & Producers from Bolivia and Beyond, Teaching to new generations about new technology and classic mixing, using Digital programs to create Techno.

Feeling and a lot of imagination is what we can expect from Sezé. Enjoying the life each minute and always creating a new kind of mix for the next presentation, recovering classic sounds!

Long Deep synths! with Cool Groove!

Sezé have played with recognized Djs like: Dj Rekha (EE.UU.), Suzuka (BRA), Mero Mero (MMBM), Javier Rosell (EnginEARS), Martin Prommel (EE.UU.), Nina Schatz, Mauricio Bacarreza (Outsiders) The DJ-U members, Family Across the Sound, Oi mas bass members (Bolivia)

Now introduccing A:AM (Label) for the Underground people... that still there!

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