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Seventh Sense

Johannesburg South, South Africa

Seventh Sense is a dedicated artist with years of experience under his belt, always remaining optimistic and diverse with his creative approach for defining his own unique and distinctive Progressive Trance sound.

Morne's love for music begun from an early age, with captivating performances that sealed his reputation as a fresh new talent to keep an eye on for the future.

Over the years the Seventh Sense sound has evolved and matured with time, promising to deliver only the finest and most upfront Progressive Trance releases.

Residencies include some of South Africa's premier night clubs as well as having played alongside international renowned artists such as Neelix, Day.Din, Interactive Noise, Audiomatic, Protoculture, Ronski Speed, Allan Thomson, Mike Koglin, Paul van Dyk, Agnelli & Nelson, Danny Rampling, Brian Cross, Dj Jean, Tony Cha-Cha, Pier Morocco, Juan Diaz and Emjae. Further strengthening the basic spirit and energy that sets he's sound in a class of its own.

'His hopes for the future is to continue producing and playing at the some of the best events and clubs around the world, doing what he loves most and promoting his new label called Vander Records, mentoring new up and coming artists and to represent the local music scene's melting-pot that is South Africa to the rest of the world.'

For more information and other inquiries, please contact:
Seventh Sense @ +27 (0)72 768 8830

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