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Serge P

Düsseldorf, Germany House Techno Electro House Deep House +1

SERGE P aka Serge Przybyl was born in August 1991 and
has discovered his passion to the true electronic music in 2008.
After relocation to Düsseldorf he became a resident in one of the most famous german clubs for electronic music, “BOOTSHAUS”, in 2011.
With a lot of new music influence by meeting and playing with the World DJ Elite in the electronic genre he demonstrated a natural ability for creating incredible DJ-Sets and his skills as allrounder.
What makes Serge`s sets special is his capacity for diversity, blending together a plethora of different styles and genres into main-room sounds.
Serge started producing in 2011 and had much effort with Techno after educating himself in using the DAW: Fruity Loops.
He has released remixes on labels all over europe and his first Single after signing to Police Records from France, founded by Vitalic's A&R, in march 2013.
Now he has signed to Brooklyn Fire Records from Tommie Sunshine with his next Single “ Thousands ”.
During his studies he produced a new projects which came out in early 2015: "Back in the Day" EP on Police Records.
After the remix for Vega22 from Mako Records the label of Proxy himself, gave him the opportunity to create an EP, which was remixed by other producers.
Serge has gone far from EDM & ususal sounds, he tries to combine the different elements from Techno, House, Acid he likes and that is hearable on his " ACID BREATH " EP which was released in 2016.
In 2016 he started a cooperation project with the producer Rule of Eight, which was released in may called " Kling Klang" on Sex Cult Records, the label of Designer Drugs.
After that and during 2017 it got very calm around new stuff from Serge. As music was aways a passion he is focused on his work in marketing. He produced 3 years ago a piece of music which got the attention of the known producer Bob Sinclar, it was blocked for more than a year, but Serge didn`t wanted to hold his singalong vocal hit back and searched for another label to go with.
September 2017 he released "Everyday 24/7" on the German label Traktor Records from aUtOdiDakT.
Different Remixes for labels and artists are on his list and more originals are in progress.

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