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Guanajuato, Mexico Electronica Psy-Trance

It´s the solo project of Lio Zertuche (26), from Leon, Guanajuato in the center of Mexico. At the age of 16 Lio discovered electronic & goa music and some years later, around 2006 he started under the name of Dj "Kachoidest".
His passion for music and underground parties led him to start working on his own project 'Sentinel' starting in early 2010 playing at parties and underground places around Mexico, sharing the stage with top artists recognized like Infected-Mushroom, Jonathan Davis, Alien-Project, X-noize, Mekkanikka, Sesto-Sento, Ziki, Ephedrix, Mapusa-Mapusa, Phanatic, Gataka, Black&White, Interactive Noise, Dr.Hoffman, Lamat, Chronos, D-Tek, Biocycle, Etnia just to mentition ones.
In 2012 was the year in which officially released his debut album ¨ Super SoundBlaster ¨,Sentinel has released music on Digital Frequenz Records, Crotus Records, Spliff Music, Plusquam Records & Planet B.E.N. Records.
Now is working in the new material & the new project with ¨Biocycle¨ called ¨Androids¨ also they have plans to release for 2015.

Keep on Trance!!

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