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Saviz Shafiei

Los Angeles, CA, USA Techno Tech House Minimal / Deep Tech

Saviz (Saviz Shafiei) is a producer based out of Los Angeles.

Saviz got his start as a musician at the age of thirteen when he began studying the art of percussions and drums. To everyone's surprise, within the first year of practice he was able to imitate the fluency of his teachers with poised intricacy and stunning accuracy.

He then moved onto other musical instruments such as piano and acoustic guitar. By the time he was eighteen years old he had a full grasp on the art of improvisation and had already composed his very first song. It was during this time when he discovered love and passion for House and Techno music and ever since he has dedicated his life to the pursuit of these genres. Once he began experimenting with production of House and Techno, it was only a matter of time for his music to find ways into dance floors in various parts of the world. . While staying true to his origins and not once conforming to the mainstream, and with no promotion whatsoever, he has already received contracts with labels such as Motiva Recordings and Undervise Records. Another hidden secret about Saviz is his undeniable talent as a DJ. His ability to build atmospheric energy and his pitch intervals approach to mixing has empowered him to play in some of the most prominent dance floors of America, such as Avalon and Van Guard in Los Angeles and Surrender in Las Vegas.

Saviz has continually evolved his sound and every track he produces packs a stronger punch than the one before. His musical background enables him to deliver an astonishing array of sounds, producing a crisp and captivating musical narrative.

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