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Sascha Kupfe

Frankfurt, Germany Techno House Electronica / Downtempo

Sascha Kupfe stands for raising and alternating electronics from the frankfurt area in germany, which he has made to his passion since he was thirteen years old.

His first real contact with dj´ing he had about nine years ago, when he decided not only to listen, but do it by himself. So he bought his first Technics SL-1210 turntables and an Ecler Nuo 5 mixer to start it at all.

In the first weeks already, it was obvious for him, that his love and his eagerness applys to electronic music.
He knows well to create a promising raising, which reachs from deep and melodic sounds, to very driving techno, without loosing the energetic 4/4 aspect out of the focus.

His listeners not only get infected by his music, but also with his love for it, which he likes to show while his gigs.
With his mixture of eagerness, rythm and love for the sound, you will become part of alternating and moodful electronic which makes the evening unforgettable.
Today he is show host of DRUMCONTROL on Shouted.FM ( in the electro channel, where you can experience mixes by himself and changing guest dj´s as well.

The podcast is repeating fridays every second week at 18.00h (CET).

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