Key Commands

Santini & Tellez

Tech House Techno Deep House

Santini & Tellez let the music speak by itself, there are many influences in this duo's life, in fact everything, everyday is an influence, a source of inspiration. Because of the great connection between these two, Santini & Tellez got together in 2010 to create a unique sound, a sound that involves dark textures that emulate a perfect drama, hypnotism that will make you close your eyes and go where you want to go, a heavy bassline is a must to shake your torso and neck, a melody that will speak to you and tell you what these two felt at the moment, in fact its everything combined together that will make a landspace of sounds created with soul, passion and a lot of determination and perseverance. It's all about having fun, it's all about expressing.
Santini & Tellez are based in Toronto Canada, however Leo Santini was born in Sao Paulo Brazil, while Marco Tellez was born in Toluca Mexico. In such short time they are releasing their first EP "Lost Thoughts" with Thoughtless Music.

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