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Sammyr Van Selimspahich

Tech House Techno Deep House

Samir Selimspahic aka Sammyr Van Selimspahich was born 1991 in Zenica (Bosnia and Herzegovina). His first contact with electronic music began in 2001, when he began to listen very well known names such as Umek, Prodigy, Carl cox, Scooter and many, many others. Later he started to approach closer and more serious to the music. In 2006 his passion and desire appeared that one day he really feels what it's actually to be a DJ. Soon after 2007 his wish came true. He started to work and preform whit local DJs. Because of school and other obligations, he went on a break which lested 3 years. After that he came back to DJing bussines, he bought his first DJ equipment and started to deal whit that job very seriously. After listening to music, a desire was born to make his own production. And so it was, in 2011 he started to work and make his own tracks. Soon after that he makes a good impresion to older and more experienced DJs and producers.In 2012 his first track called "Disco" came out, and after that, inspiration for work was larger and larger and the tracks were better and better. And of course as every DJ and producer, he wants to make the best track so that European DJ names insert his tracks into their mixes and preformances. Much work and effort goes into this business, and will you be pay off, no one knows, time will tell.

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