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Samidare Fadein'

Tokyo, Japan Deep House Minimal / Deep Tech Techno Progressive House +3

Samidare Fadein' (Tokyo, Japan)
A techno live-style unit focusing on tribal beat. Samidare Fadein' consists of DJ myQR and soundtrack maker Aki Yoshioka;
DJ myQR started releasing original tracks from last year, while DJing at major weekend events in Tokyo.
Aki Yoshioka has been constantly releasing his own tracks, actively offering remixes and producing quality tracks.
Their song selection creates an acid sound with dynamic techno grooves and synthesized percussion rhythm, which is a reflection of their refined taste. You can get a flavor of their modern techniques and unique sound making theories through their Live Set.
Until now, they have worked with highly-respected artists in the tech house scenes. Though they haven't yet released their official track as a unit, they have steadily gained popularity in the scene, welcomed with high expectations for their creative world and future success.
Give an eye to their attractive "Samidare Sound" which would never fade in this cloud computing era.

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