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Ruslan Selvaggi

San Michele al Tagliamento, Venice, Italy

An 18 "Dj/Producer"

My passion for Music started since i was young. I'm trying to make songs since i was more or less 14. I have tried a lot of different Softwares, the first one i remember was MixCraft and than MusicMaker, after i decided to try something more professional like Ableton,Pro Tools,Cubase, Fruity Loop. I felt in love with Fruity Loops, and i'm still using it. I really liked doing songs and my only goal was to improve myself more and more. I have never left my passion, i'm already trying to make songs, and i will try to make them in the future, because making songs is my only passion.
I really like listening to House Music, Electro and the other similar genre. So i try to make this kind of genre.
I don't know exactly how to describe my genre, but i hope you will like it .


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