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Ruebx Qube

Miami Beach, FL, USA Electronica / Downtempo Hip-Hop / R&B Hard Dance Progressive House +2

Born Eric Neal, Ruebx Qube (pronounced “Rubik’s Cube”) is an American Producer/DJ/Songwriter. Ruebx Qube is one of perseverance in the face of adversity, a personality seasoned with grit, and a man driven by his feverish love for music.

The name Ruebx Qube is a reflection of Eric's multifaceted musical stylings as well as his personality. He has always been told that he is a "hard person to figure out". This philosophy describes him both musically as well as individually.

In 2014, Eric adopted the name Ruebx Qube as his artist and producing alias. In 2016, Ruebx Qube decided to embark on his own sounds and releases as an artist. His first artist colaboration entitled "Life is But A Dream" with the EDM duo F4ST brought a delightful buzz to the young Producer and caught the attention of some higher ups in the Dance Music World. The next Collaboration entitled "Bring The Sun" featuring Romanian songstress, Adina Butar, was first debuted during Markus Schulz's Sunrise Set on his world famous Global DJ Broadcast radio station on July 21st, 2016. It was later released under Markus Schulz's record label Coldharbour Recordings. Since its release in September 2016, "Bring The Sun" has received raved reviews from the media i.e DJ Mag Italia December 2016 issue as well as support from the world's biggest dance DJs i.e Andy Moor and Markus Schulz.

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