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DJ Rubberninja

Techno Electro House House Progressive House +3

Michael Nerlino (born June 19, 1986), known by his stage name Rubberninja, is an up and coming electronic dance music DJ and producer from New York, NY. It only takes seeing him perform once to understand why Rubberninja has become a relevant part of today’s massive electronic music scene. His musical ability combined with his intense drive and focus on his passion gives him the skill and individual appeal necessary to become an international star.
Notorious for his ability to play to any crowd, his diverse library of tracks allows him to deliver a powerful musical experience to a packed club or set the perfect mood in a laid back lounge. While Rubberninja has a solid reputation for his live performance, he also has an eclectic catalogue of studio mixes as well as a monthly podcast on iTunes that consistently demonstrates his artistic talent.
Fascinated by the sound of electronic music ever since he first discovered it in the form of artists like BT, Paul Van Dyk, and The Prodigy, Rubberninja has been developing his sound and mixing technique to most accurately exemplify what seduced him into the scene in the first place.
“It was the atmosphere of the sound itself. I would get lost in my headphones, combinations of sounds I had never heard before and what certainly any conventional instrument couldn’t achieve. It felt like an auditory aurora and I’ve been inundated ever since, becoming more and more familiar with the scene and culture.”
Rubberninja has continued to evolve as an artist by channeling his energy into music, converting his passion into a complete aural experience for those on the dance floor. Performing in some of the city’s most notable and prominent nightclubs for the past year, he has gained a reputation as one of the city’s most engaging up and coming musical performers in the ever changing electronic dance music scene, consistently refining his style and expression to reflect his progression as an artist.
“House music is a part of my daily life and it is ingrained within everything I do. If I don't mix, I can’t think. So any long period of time away from turntables is torture for me. There was just something about the connection with the crowd and the energy of the atmosphere that surpassed everything at that moment. House became something truly special to me - you couldn’t find that anywhere else. It embodied a heightened level of expression that I identified with and wanted to share with as many people as I possibly could.”
A debut EP is scheduled to be released in 2013 and his fans are excited for what the future holds for this young DJ.

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