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Ron D 8 Lim

Miami Beach, FL, USA Electronica / Downtempo Deep House Tech House Chill Out +3

Ron D Lim aka Ron D*8*Lim aka Ron D 8 Lim Founder and Co-owner of Power Of Love Productions LLC, had the chance to deejay all over the globe, as well as being featured at these Music Conventions, WMC (Winter Music Conference since 1999) FUSE:IN (DETROIT ELECTRONIC MUSIC FEST 2005) ART BASEL - MIAMI (2004) Celebrity Gigs for Mohamed Ali and Fashion shows, BCBG & Elle.( Raleigh)
Let's Rewind a bit...
At age of 6 Ron D purchases his very first 45 single “Les Humphries Singers” By age of 12, he found himself playing at house parties. His reputation grew that eventually
by age of 14; he got approached by the Club Owner of the Best Disco in Town, to become a resident DJ.
The minimum age to enter was 16, so the owner made a fake ID so he was able to play…
Being early in the game, his journey led him to travel and to encounter international Talents.
During this period, he connected with diverse radio stations, such as Couleur 3, Radio 24, Radio Z (All Swiss), and Radio NOVA (Paris)
Ron D’s involvement grew more and more to the point that he found himself participating at the birth of the future “Street parade” which was first named “The Generator – Party” simply because the intention was to generate positive energy by creating an enormous Event, and so contribute positive influence to the youth.
His creativity, positive and hardworking attitude opened multiple doors in the music, art, fashion, the club and the entertainment industries.
In the Mid 90’s after traveling numerous times back and forth to Europe, he definitely relocates to New York City, and created Power Of Love Productions. His former partner and legendary Swiss DJ/Producer
Dani Lerouge (Couleur 3 resident for 10 years) took over for Switzerland…
Ron D took on to expand globally. He eventually moved fast forward and became one of the noted Promoters and one of the artistic directors at the infamous TUNNEL.

As a DJ he had a chance to be featured since 1999 at the WMC, Celebrity Gigs for Mohamed Ali during ArtBasel in 2005, For ELLE Magazine and BCBG clothing line. He also traveled and played from Ibiza to Italy, from Israel to
Goa, from Switzerland to New York City and from Thailand to Florida…
Ron D has shared the Decks with Talents & legends such as Wayne Williams (Founder of the Chosen Few), Victor Simonelli, Roy Davis JR, Ron Carroll, Kenny Carpenter, Harley & Muscle, DJ ROMAIN, Jamie Lewis, Benji Candelario, Eman, Mike AgentX Clark and jojoflores just to name a few, as well as performed and worked with renown talents such as Sandi B, Loleatta Holloway, Martha Wash, Jocelyn Brown, Barbara Tucker, Roger Sanchez, Louie Vega, Nicole Henry and Krystine Walker.
His DJ Skills as well as his flair for Event Coordination and Productions have garnered him an international reputation. The “RE-UNION” Event is been an Official WMC event since year 2003 and gave Ron D a title from New Times (by Humberto Guida) to be one of the Miami House Music Pioneers.
2007 Power Of Love Productions got incorporated, to a Digital Distribution, Music & Event Productions, Publishing and International Artist Development Company.
Since 2008 POLP has released and published over 750 songs & tracks and signed 24 artists.
Since year 2010 Power Of Love Productions went to be represented in over 240 Countries and on all Major Online Stores, such as iTunes, Beatport, Xbox, Microsoft, Google Play, YouTube, Emusic, AMAZON, Spotify and many more.

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