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Romualdo Ancona

Los Angeles, CA, USA Indie Dance / Nu Disco Electro House Progressive House

Romy Ancona is a self taught musician making his way through the Hollywood, South Bay and Las Vegas club circuit as an electronic music producer and performer. Having only been DJing for three years, Romy has quickly gained recognition amongst club owners and party goers as a reliable source of entertainment. While Romy Ancona does not have a specific genre, he most enjoys mixing various styles of house music but has adapted to put his own spin on the most popular music of today. Having shared Hollywood stages with legendary house names such as DJ Reza of Go Ventures and Mark Lewis of Mixology, Romy has earned credibility amongst Hollywood's top performers. His event resume also includes a sold out MAXIM Magazine New Year's Eve party at the newly renovated Chinese Theatre, a performance on The Do LaB stage at Coachella 2013, a performance for Silent Frisco at Lightning In A Bottle Music Festival 2013 and multiple performances at Burning Man 2013. For handling his own bookings and promotion, Romy Ancona has advanced very quickly in the EDM circuit as an independent artist.

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