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Rob Rules

Budapest, Hungary Techno

He was born in Budapest in 1990. His first encounter with techno took place at the age of fourteen. At first, he was listening to techno mixes and desperstely fell in love with them. Kashmir Underground Club used to play an essential role in his life, he attended nearly every event. Back then he decided to let music take the majority of his interest. Besides techno he was interested in hard techno. In the beginning he played at minor after parties and a bit later he had the opportunity to spin the records at bigger events as well. In 2007 he got to know Liax and a year later they started producing music together. Their first co-produced track (Oscuridad) turned out to be great success. Right after this they founded their first record label: Fatal Error.They organized online radio shows, which was called Fatal Error mix session where most of the well-known djs of the scene played week by week. Unfortunately Fatal Error stopped working and members continued working separately. 2011 brought him reunion with one of his friends from his childhood. El Angel and him became good friends and decided to rewrite the meaning of techno. They are just about to show the audience what they are capable of together in 2012 behind the record players.

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