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Rob Luna Producer

New York, NY, USA Dubstep Chill Out Hip-Hop Pop / Rock +5

Rob Luna is a producer/beatmaker and songwriter from New York City. He focuses on the production of instrumental beats mainly in the hiphop and r&b genres. Rob also produces instrumentals in the electronic, chillout, dance, pop, dubstep and latin genres. His spontaneous style influences his creativity, giving his music a refreshing attitude that really feels genuine. Instead of trying to gain as many fans as possible, he has been focusing on developing his own unique style and basically just having fun.

In early 2013, Rob launched a “Beat Store” on his website, which allows artists to browse, listen to and purchase licensed beats. These beats are used by artists to record their own songs to feature on mixtapes, albums or even as singles.

Rob’s work has been featured in 3 different “Got Instrumentals” mixtape volumes (Vol 42, 43 & 44) featuring other exclusive tracks along side with Mike WiLL Made It, Kanye West, Mike Zombie, Johnny Juliano, Superstar O and many other talented producers.

Rob also actively publishes several mixtapes, including the “Full Breach” series, which features collaborations with many talented rappers, singers and DJ’s.

Most of his latest work can be heard on and can be found on his website

Be sure to follow @RobLuna and stay tuned!

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