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Rick Valentine

England, UK House Tech House Trance Techno +1

Rick Valentine has been DJing for around 15 years now and has played all over the UK and has played alongside the likes of Simon Patterson, Matt Hardwick, Judge Jules, Will Holland, Mark Eteson and amongst many others.
His sets have a mixture of Progressive, Techno & Trance in and can be easily recognised by the deep, dark, moody baselines which make his signature sound!!!!

Rick also has 2 online radio show's which are aired each Month over more than 5 stations and bring in about 3000 listeners on average a Month.

His 2 hour show PROGRESSION which is aired every 2nd Tuesday on Pure.FM & replayed every 2nd Wednesday on Sense.FM.
PROGRESSION is know for the more tech & progressive side of Rick Valentine, and has also had guests on such as Markus Schulz, Nic Chagall, Mat Zo, Tucandeo, Aaron Camz, Basil O'Glue, Aerofoil, Wippenberg, Cid Inc., Skytech & the list goes on.

Rick also has a more upbeat show "Bassline Sessions" which is aired on Afterhours.FM every 4th Thursday of the Month which is more Progressive & Trance related and as it says in the title, there's lots of baselines to be heard so if you like it deep and dark be sure to check out Rick Valentine!!!!


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