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Richard Les Crees

New Jersey, USA House Deep House Electro House Chill Out


Richard Les Crees is an American DJ, record producer, remixer and songwriter from NJ. As a teen, Richard Les Crees was influenced by his older brother, a DJ at the time, and learned the skill and art of spinning records at an early age. The urge to make his own music followed, so Richard began investing in some music production gear in the late 80's including a Roland R-8, SP-12, and Ensoniq EPS and began developing house and hip-hop tracks.

In the early 90's, Richard continued to hone his production skills. He put aside hip-hop, invested in more studio gear, and focused solely on house music. He continued to amass a collection of records and expand his knowledge of music.

In 1994, Richard released his early productions and remixes as FILTHY RICH (his teenage DJ moniker) on i! Records. He teamed up w/ Damon Trueitt as "Somore" and landed on the UK charts with "I Refuse (What you want)". Richard has also appeared on Hipbone, Kult, XL, and Locked On as FILTHY RICH.

In 1998, Richard had a desire to express a more 'musical' sound to reflect his influences and love for Latin-jazz, Brazilian music, and 70's funk and disco... and so the "RICHARD LES CREES" moniker was born. He collaborated with Vicki Bell and Ray Grappone of Hipbone Records and their artists during the first phase of 'Richard Les Crees', and released his first RLC Remix on Hipbone Records entitled "City Got Soul". He went on to release his first EP on i! Records entitled "Growth".

In the early 2000's, Richard continued to release productions and remixes, as well as two LPs (BAHIA & PARADISE) on i! Records and Distance Music, and played in clubs throughout the world.

From 2006-2011, Richard decided to take a break from music production, and pursue a career in Information Technology. However, he continued to nurture his love of music, but mainly as a listener.

In 2012, with a fresh perspective and a sense of clarity, Richard embraced some of the latest music production tools with a new intensity, and began to develop short 'sketches' to sharpen his skills and get back in the game.

In 2015, Richard remixed "Journey" by Lem Springsteen feat. Jamelle Jones, on Lem's Urban Lounge Music label.

Richard kicked off 2016 with a Beatport Contest win for Terrence Parker's song Heartbreak on Melodymathics, and he looks forward to his new musical journey ahead...

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