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Progressive House Hard Dance House

Riccardo Golini (a.k.a DJ Riccardino, RiccardoBlackOut), was born on
May 16, 1970 in Florence, Italy.
Since age 10 he has been in close contact with music, mostly thanks to
"Black Out Records", his family record shop which was open in 1980 in
Florence. At the age of 15, he begins his musical career in the club
scene and started being called Riccardino, a nickname due to his very
young age.
During the nineties his career moves significantly forward, following
the developing of house music first, and in particular of the
so-called Tuscan Progressive then. At this time his popularity
increased, leading him to play in the most important clubs, raves, and
after hours of Tuscany first, and Italy and Europe afterwards. He
plays in the clubs of the most lively places of the Italian club
scene, such as Rimini, Riccione, Padova. He also gained significant
experience outside Italy with a Spanish tour that brought him in
Vitoria, San Sebastian, Elgoibar and Lodosa. Besides his live sets he
begins to be involved in musical productions, among which the most
relevant and well known are Riccardino & Jay – Youth Wave
e.p.(Interactive test Records 1993), J.A.M. Project - Tapiosys -Remix
Riccardino & Jay-(Out Record 1995), Riccardino & Jay
feat.G.Procaccini-ISOLA FELICE E.P. (Primitive Records 1995),
Hysteria-Love Nature-Riccardino & Jay Remix (New Music 1997), Max
Contrucci & Riccardino pres. Stefano k- Vortex (Primitive Records
He regularly plays together with fellow friend and colleague DJ Jay,
also partner of Black Out Records shop. His current musical choice is
well defined and finds the best expression in house music. He likes
more big spaces and dancefloors, being at the same time well
comfortable in smaller clubs and discobar.

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