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Rhys Thomas

Swansea, UK Breaks Hard Dance Trance Techno +2

Big builds, driving melodies, and rock solid drops are what I look for in my music, a blend of Trance, Techno and anything in between with a solid kick and a heavy baseline to keep me punching the air and you pounding the dance floor.

In the short time I have been DJ'ing I’ve played for club brands such as Godskitchen, Passion, Electronic Sessions, Collision, Romper Stomper, Delusion, Ludicrous, held a residency for Essence and currently hold a monthly residency at Escape in Swansea.

I have had the honour of playing alongside some of the biggest names in the business, Matt Hardwick, Eddie Halliwell, Simon Patterson, Greg Downey, John Askew, Jon O'Bir, Agnelli & Nelson, John 00 Fleming, Mark Eteson, Judge Jules & Genix...

Genix - "Rhys has played for me at Passion before and showed all the qualities of a top DJ. Tune selection was perfect for the time of his set"

I’m looking now to push further in to production and bring some of my own sounds to the table, having already received radio one air play for a bootleg I conjured up alongside local hard dance hero Argy, and some new collaborations under way with my 'Mass Distortion' accomplices things are looking Interesting!

Who knows what will be next up, but I’m sure it'll be good fun finding out!

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