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United States Progressive House Electro House Electronica / Downtempo +3

RetliF is a new coming DJ and producer. Beginning the endeavor into Electronic music in April 2011, he started DJing June 2011, and then moved into picking up Producing in September of 2011. His love for music throughout life has set a strong background for his quick acceleration and learning into the production world. Not stopping at one Genre but trying every genre in Electronic music he can think of, he has so far done Progressive House, Tech House, Dubstep, Trance, and even Hardstyle. "Music is a passion and always has been. I think it requires the most emotion to be able to share a good idea to the world, and then you can just sit back and hope they enjoy it as well." Said RetliF during an interview after a set. With the short time he has been producing, he has learned much more than would be expected. As his Manager, I would not be surprised to see this kid rise to the top in the near future. For more of his music go visit and be sure to show your support.

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