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The Reinhold

Richmond, VA, USA Electronica / Downtempo Dubstep Techno Tech House +5

John Reinhold lives in RVA - Richmond, va (RVA). Where he plays out at various events, blending many styles of music. Always looking to create a soundtrack for the night - his mixes are often multi-genre and go from heavy dance to deep relaxation. He has also played up and down the East Coas with PLF bringing their unique vibe to many venues, burn events and festivals on the east coast. Working extensively within Richmond, Virginia’s creative community and local nightlife scene he’s also been a major factor in helping produce some of the most influential projects in the city. Being a co-owner and President of local arts and culture publication, RVA Magazine ( & GAYRVA (, and one of the original producers/residents DJs of the weekly circus themed dance party RVAlution for over three years. Reinhold has dedicated himself to being a progressive factor in every undertaking he involves himself with. He has also has played many innovative art openings, live performances, and festivals such as Richmond’s First Friday at Gallery5 in which PLF shuts down the street for a night to bring Richmond the biggest fire performance event in Virginia. John often enjoys himself most at festivals like Transformus, PDF, RVA Festival, Wicker Man, Nomatic Roots Festival, Camp Barefoot, and PEX Festival where he can really enjoy being with people and playing his style of creative music. In many ways he is highly influenced by the creative art community and burning man pathos, being a fire spinner and supporter of music and live performance art in Richmond and beyond.

Reinhold has headlined and shared the stage with many amazing artist's and production companies:
Shpongle, RJD2, EOTO, Crizzly, Datsick, Vaski, Bonobo, Ladytron, Bluetech, Vibesquad, Elliot Lipp, Joe Nice, Gents & Jawns, LJ MTX, Dumpstafunk, Designer Drugs, Orchard Lounge, Nosaj Thing, Phutureprimitive, Dave Nada, Will Eastman, NumberNine, Lee Mayjahs (PEX), Niegel Richards, Justin Paul (Playloop), Dj Everyday (PEX), Sonkin, Sonic Spank, Skinny Friedman, Krames, Doddie, Bobby LaBeat, Shugahdaddy / Jmugz (Euphoric Productions) , Depressed Buttons (Mad Decent), RX, Kanizzle, Sequoia, Technicolor Ninja, Ninten3do, all his boys at EQ Produktions - Agent, Phil Dice, Rometti, and Mass Fx. And of course representing his favorite PLF Dj's Mr.Jennings, Nighttime, Dope Solo and Akasha.

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