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Unlike many weird and wonderful names in music, this one couldn’t be more descriptive if it led a revolution. Never one for conforming, following or holding back, Jonny ‘Rebel’ Lawrence is here to leave Mr. Rulebook quaking in his boots!

Hailing from the historically conservative Buckinghamshire, it’s not hard to see where the thirst to step away from the norm came from. After realising his passion for music and all things artistic at a young age, Jonny had found the ammunition he needed to flourish from a wayward boy to a rebellious leader.

Noting influences spanning across 80s pop culture and the 90s dance music scene, plus what close friends describe as ‘an unhealthy obsession with hero Sasha’ - you can see where Rebel pulls direction from.

Many a DJ begin at a very young age, this is true… though legend has it that a zero-aged unborn Jonny Rebel would keep his neighbours awake all night by kicking his mother’s stomach to the rhythm of a 4/4 120bpm kick drum. With this said… we begin to see how the now rising-star is exploding out of the musical blocks at such pace!

From perversity to university, and next-stop… Leicester, where Jonny lit the city alight with his take on anything deep, dark, bass driven and underground – leading to support from Birmingham to Barcelona!

Summer 2011 arrived and Jonny was now a regular at Leicester-based shindigs SONiDO and his own co-creation; Save The Pony. The future then went from bright to a ‘Digital Delight’ as Rebel was signed to Sishi Rösch’s Barcelona based imprint.

Fast-forward to the present and November 2011 sees the release of ‘Grass Roots’ his debut EP on Digital Delight. Add to this a whole host of support from the likes of Miguel Puente, Sishi Rösch, Lee Brinx, Alexis Raphael, Max Chapman, Wildkats and many more, plus forthcoming EPs on Lower East, Hourglass and Electronique in 2012.

One thing is for sure however… whether you’re a renegade or conformist you’re about to start hearing a lot more about this Rebel force!

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