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Ray Kajioka

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Ray Kajioka is a german Techno producer, remixer, DJ and Live Act since 1995, based in Berlin. He is best known for his works on Kanzleramt Music, Cocoon, Müller, as well as for his remixes for Joel Mull, Heiko Laux, Alexander Kowalski, Pan-Pot, DJ T-1000 (Alan Oldham, Housemeister, Victor Calderone, Tom Hades, Secluded, Elbee Bad, Marc Romboy, Pawas, Beroshima, to name a few.

A distinguishing and striking aspect of his music is certainly the warm spheric and impulsive sound, which is constantly present in all his productions. Ray’s live and DJ-performance encompasses all the elements of today’s modern Techno/Nu-House, but has its feet firmly planted in the roots of the Detroit-vibe. “The typical Ray-sound” is appreciated all around the globe and had taken him to events international-wide.

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