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Jakarta, Indonesia Trance Electronica / Downtempo Progressive House +2

Rangga Oktavian is the man behind Rangga Electroscope. Born October 01 1988 in Jakarta, Indonesia. After joined as an Alternative Rock Songwriter, Guitarist and Bassist in Band Called Palette, in early 2007, He try to learn how to make electronic music, and He ultimately love Trance and Uplifting as His genre. 2 Years Experience in producing Trance music He also gained worldwide acceptance, and recognition, and in late 2009 He has successfully released his first worldwide debut single "SKY OF SUMMER" in UK Label, AVSR Records UK. Also in late 2009 He joined L.A Menthol Lights Indie Remix Competition 2009 Indonesia for the first time and became a Finalist. in 2010 He became the Winner and Web Vote Favorite winner of L.A Lights Indie Remix Competition 2010. In Early 2011, He also starts his Producing career and released His Worldwide EP "AN OVERTURE INTO THE FUTURE" in Celestial Tracks/The 45MF GROUPINC. In Late 2011 He has succesfully released his First Independent (Electronica-Trance) Studio Album "WHITE COMPASSION" in His own Label (Electrocopic Sounds Studio) and nominated as ALBUM OF THE YEAR in REDMA 2011 (Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Awards, Indonesia). His musical basic was inspired from David Foster as the Legend of Musician and EDM Inspired from Above & Beyond, Nitrous Oxide, Oliver Smith, Daniel Kandi, Dinka, Andrew Bayer, Mat Zo & Solarity. He is also a remixer of various artists such as Kshah (Number One Rec),DJ Deny (State of Play), Osvaldo Nugroho (1945MF/ControlRecords), Adit Putra (1945MF/ControlRecords,) Riri Mestica (Spinach Rec), Chris M Reworks (Reworks/Bonzai) ,DJ AVSR (AVSR Rec), Gitano (AVSR Rec), Katy Perry (Unofficial) and many more.

- His track was Supported by AWOT (A World Of Trance) on Christmas Special Mix 2009 (Love at the Spring Mountain)
- Number 1 at Dansa Chart (Winter, Futura & Reborn (Gitano Remix))
- Number 1 at Paranoia Chart Hard Rock FM, 2010 (Atlantis Rabin Violin Interpretation mix)
- One of the Best 5 Uplifting Trance 2010 From DJ Tukancheez (Atlantis Original Mix)
- Supported by Addliss WAVES Radio show at (Love at The Spring Mountain (Heavens Gate Ambient Mix) 2010
- The Finalist at L.A Menthol Lights Indie Remix 2009 (Morning blue - I Don't Care Remix)
- the Winner at L.A Lights Indie Remix 2010 and the Most Favorite Remix (LARS - 1/2 jiwa Remix)
- Nominated at Best New Comer ICEMA 2010 (Atlantis Original Mix).
- Nominated at REDMA - ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2011- Category. (WHITE COMPASSION Album)
- Island Of The Gods Series, Officially Supported by, Tribal Mixes Radio (, & Clubhoppers Mixtape, and West Borneo Trance Community, & Minority Record ( websites (2011-now)


- SOUNDWAVES RECORDS [Warsaw, Poland- Worldwide]
- ELECTROSCOPIC SOUNDS STUDIO [Worldwide Independent-under Reverbnation]
- CELESTIAL TRACKS / THE 45MF GROUP INC [Major Indonesia-Worldwide]
- Remixer at CONTROL RECORDS / THE 45MF GROUP INC [Major Indonesia-Worldwide]
- AVSR RECORDS UK [LabelWorx/Worldwide]

*Please buy his music if you like what you hear. You will find the sales link for his music. You can support him so that he can release more music in the future.

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