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Ragnum Savva Records

Hamburg, Germany Psy-Trance

RAGNUM, a project established by the persons Ralf and Björn, is located in Hamburg.
Ralf and Björn are German song producers and DJs. They are born in 1980 and are also known as ‘Da Sound and DJ Dust’.
Their productions are moving into direction of proggy with moving basses together with trance elements. The maximum speed does not exceed 140 bpm.
Ralf & Björn begun mid ‘90th as DJs in various music clubs.
Ralf started with trance elements and went later into GOA direction.
Björn preferred the stronger and quicker sounds at the beginning and went also to GOA later on.
Due to the fact that both preferred the proggy music style, they established their mutual project ‘RAGNUM’ in 2011.

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