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Deep House House

Hi, how are ya? You look well, love the shoes! I'm Radioface but my friends family and postman call me Ryan. For as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a crab fisherman, but my father (being a stern figure of a man) said "quit yo jibber jabber you crazy cracker and go get a real job". The old man had been good to me over the years, and so not wanting to disappoint, I put my adolescent dreams aside and settled down to the humble but steady life of a DJ. It's not been too bad so far, I've held down a few cushy residencies and got to work with a whole bunch of talented and lovely people. I also release the occasional record just to see me though the lean winter months. Haven't concurred the world just yet, although  I imagine that will happen any day now. Anyway, I sense I'm beginning to ramble so I'll rap this up, but it's been great talking to you, I'd love to chat more another time, maybe over drinks, your place?

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