Key Commands


Trance Minimal / Deep Tech Glitch Hop House +11

Rob Scott (RAAB)

Is a House / DnB / Dubstep / Electro..(or anything Electronic related) Producer based out of Denver, Colorado. Rob has been involved in music since he was very young; he is an avid piano player (almost 16 years now) in his spare time he also likes to play guitar. It was only about two years ago when Rob decided to start making Electronic Music,"I realized that I could really do something unique with my passion for music and my technical skills with computers" he's been hooked ever since. Rob carries a college degree in Information Systems with emphasis on Web Design, aside from music Rob also enjoys boarding (skate, snow or wake / surf), building computers, designing websites along with managing and maintaining his personal server. "My server is the central powerhouse for all of my music related activities, I use it to store all of my projects and software. I also use it for its own FREE suite of music production software("I'm a Linux user because the software is FREE"), using two computers to produce is almost magical in terms of usability" . He doesn't stop there either, Rob is very versatile when it comes to computers; he's also a Windows and Macintosh user. "I use whatever works at the time, on my PC I use FL Studio, on the Mac I use Logic Pro and on the Linux machine I use things like Mixx, Ardour, Beast, Bristol and Rose Garden."

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