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Harry Ransom

Drum & Bass Dubstep House +1

A constant presence in the Washington, DC music scene, Harry Ransom regularly plays at U Street Music Hall, 411 Warehouse, TnT, Rock & Roll Hotel and Jimmy Valentine's Lonely Hearts Club, and booked by promoters such as Eighty Eight Music, 3D Productions, Steez Productions and a few more. He has maintained resident DJ status on Expansion Broadcast for the past six years, and is currently a monthly resident at Backbar.

Asked what his influences are, Ransom states "Late nights out in the city. Cold lift rides in the mountains. Heavy bass lines and hard hitting kick drums, lively snares and shuffled hi-hats."

Washington, DC based producer Harry Ransom stumbled upon Goldie's "Timeless" album and the 'Counterforce" DJ mix compilation in the summer of 1995, discovering the sound of drum'n'bass, developing a rabid appetite for new underground electronic music. By winter of 1995, he began attending various club nights and raves in DC and Baltimore, and making weekly vinyl shopping trips, picking up DJing as a hobby. By 1998, Ransom had a weekly college radio show, as well as consistent bookings at clubs and events in Washington, DC and Baltimore, branching out to national events in 1999.

In 2001, Ransom began working on music production, working on drum'n'bass as a solo artist, as well as collaborating with other local producers, including Matt Nordstrom (of Nadastrom), Rob F & Impulse (of Sinthetix), and Alvin Risk (then of Corrupt Souls, later as Telemetrik).

Harry Ransom has played throughout the U.S., from San Franscisco and Los Angeles, to Miami, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York and Boston. As of late, his focus is more on production, with several releases on Baltimore-based label Tharsis Records. Currently he works under the names Harry Ransom and R4NS0M, depending on the style of music produced.


"Thanks for the continued support of my music, and a big thanks to the people who come out to events to hear me play!"
- Harry Ransom

Real name / Harry Schrecengost
Moniker(s) / Harry Ransom, Ransom, R4NS0M

Selected Discography
MSXEP035 Corrupt Souls feat. Ransom - "Broadcast" [Moving Shadow - 2005]
2MOHM Sinthetix & UFO! feat. Ransom - "Breach" [OHM Resistance - 2006]
THA008 Mojo Jones - "Laughing Gas (Harry Ransom Remix)" [Tharsis Records - 2009]
THA012 Harry Ransom - "Flexotron (Original Mix)" [Tharsis Records - 2009]
THA014 Elastic Fish - "Junction (Harry Ransom Remix)" [Tharsis Records - 2010]
NOCAT Harry Ransom - "Searching" [Eighty Eight Music's Forward Festival - 2010]
THA017 Uncle Jesse - "The Greys (Harry Ransom Remix)" [Tharsis Records - 2010]
THA028 Harry Ransom - "Imperfect (Original Mix)" [Tharsis Records - 2011]
THA035 Harry Ransom - 'With You' EP [Tharsis Records - 2011]


1995: Discovers local DC/Baltimore rave scene.
1996: Begins collecting drum'n'bass vinyl and DJ'ing.
1998: Begins playing at local events in clubs and at raves.
1999: DJ'ing gigs locally, plus San Francisco, Philladelphia and Richmond, VA.
2000: Picks up production, slowly. Also begins throwing events in DC.
2001: Breakbeat gigs start getting added in to the calendar.
2002: Works at Capital City Records.
2003: Begins a break from production.
2007: Gets interested in dubstep and bass heavy house.
2008: Picks up production again.
2009: A couple releases.
2010: A few more releases.
2011: A couple more releases. Offered monthly night at Backbar in DC.
2012: A lot more production.

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