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San Francisco, CA, USA Deep House Electronica Electro House

Born with a beat and raised to the rhythm in one of the biggest dance capitals of the world, Miami, Florida. Over the last 15 years, he’s built his creative empire around directing, editing and shooting music videos and commercials for top international artists. His adept ability to harmonize sound and video into complete visual euphoria has led him to be one of the most sought after visual directors in the gaming industry. His work has been shot around the globe and seen by millions.

By day, Gutierrez is one of the creative forces behind PlayStation; by night, he brings music to life as one of San Francisco and Miami’s hottest new DJs. His years of visual and musical dexterity gave way to the Electro House lifestyle and he now mixes his favorite tracks to the masses in the club-life underbellies of the nation.

Gutierrez’ eclectic mixes reflect the underground sounds of his hometown of Miami, while his visual prowess showcases his signature “musical eye-candy.” He can truly see sounds.

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