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Electronica Minimal Deep House Tech House +2

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I love the way music can grab your attention, take you on a journey and by the end of it has won your heart. The excitement of finding new music for me will never die!
Influences and musical tastes vary, embrace music from all genre's. My parents record collection has a big influence, and plays a major part in record selection to this day. Music is an instant thing with me. If I hear something I connect with and it takes me off to another place, I'm onto a winner!"
The natural progression to produce my own music was always on the agenda. Continually learning and begging for advice the productions are slowly but surely starting to come together.
Working alongside Desyn, Tom Morgan, Dj Dory, BalErik, Rowan Blades, Add2Basket, Stuart Johnston, Vadim Yershov, Kla Us and Shawn Michael has been great so far! Being part of the Faciendo Tribe and the opportunity to work with these talented artists is a true honour. Big thanks to everyone!" QuitteR?

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