Key Commands


Glitch Hop Indie Dance / Nu Disco Electro House +1

PYRAMYTH may call Mexico home, but his music occupies a less definable space: the place between articulate studio dynamics and gut reaction; between transcendence and hard robotic beats.

Otherwise known as Guillermo Gonzalez; PYRAMYTH hit the next wave EDM scene hard in 2011 with BIG TIME, a collaboration with BugEyed Records artist DIGITAL FREQ, and again with TOGETHER FOREVER on Braslive Records. Defying all preconceived notions of EDM trends PYRAMYTH then delivered his game changing debut ep on BugEyed Records.

Opening with it’s incendiary, lush and infectious piano chords, PYRAMYTH’s first single SAVAGE kicked in the door with a propulsive rhythm that launched a groundswell in the Glitch Hop Nation and defined a new Beatport genre...

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