Key Commands

Pumpkin Armada

Helsinki, Finland Electro House House Progressive House

House music producer and DJ from the heart of Finland, Helsinki.
I'm open to all kinds of projects and collabs.
Carmen / Curves by Pumpkin Armada EP
01. Carmen (Original Mix)
02. Curves (Oiriginal Mix)
Big Finale Records
Release on 12.02.2013
Projects I've done or been part of:

Brainwave Station (Since 2010)
Helsinki based synthpop band. Vocals Mira Suvinen, synth and production Juan Sebastian (Pumpkin Armada).

TRKL TGRS (Since 2011)
TRKL TGRS KLVN is an artist collective from Helsinki. Formed by three people it features the best of musical and visual talents.

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