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Melbourne VIC, Australia Drum & Bass Dubstep Breaks

Pseudonym of Australian producer Simon Eddie K.

With a string of subterranean scene releases dating back to the late 90's, legions of online followers, and appearances on radio shows across the globe, his devotion to music is unrivaled.

A trained drummer, his deep inner groove resonates in every track he creates; in every mix he plays.

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia - which with the explosion of 90's rave culture, bore it with the moniker "Techno City" - subtle influences from the days of Acid and Psytrance echo throughout his productions even today,

Drawing influences from life, the music he grew up with, and the cutting edge sounds of now, it all melds together to create music with an IMMENSE groove, evocative melody, and subtle atmospheric textures seemingly lost in the modern EDM loudness war.

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