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Varese Province of Varese, Italy Tech House Chill Out Techno House +3

PsychoPlastiks is a project which started in 2009 through the partnership of 2 young DJs, Dario Macaluso & Giacomo Gussoni.
Both of them were born in the early 90’s and, since the age of 10 years, they showed a genuine interest in dance music. When they were 14 years old, they decided to dedicate more time to it and, step by step, they developed the passion for djing, playing either with vinyls or CDs.

The style of their DJ set is in constant development and the music can be classified as electronic with techno/minimal influences and the classy add of melanchonic and deeper sonorities which recall psychedelic moments.

They were DJs resident at Fenice di Varese and they have performed in other clubs around Varese like Zoo Club (Bellinzona/CH), Just In, Lido di Luino, Delight, Dabo, Kristal, Mabo, Magdal, La Teranga, Shirà, Kines, Tiffany etc.

In 2011, they began to “create” their own music using the laptop and a synthesizer. Nowadays, they continue to produce tracks, moving across different musical genres, from techno to house to more chill-out sounds. In 2012, they released their first album named “The Plastik Phobia” on AmaCreedo ’11 Records. Furthermore, various labels have published other PsychoPlastiks’ songs on different online music stores (Beatport, iTunes, Amazon, Juno etc.)

Lastly, they were guests on several international radio shows (such as “Urbannoise” and “Into the Darkness”). In 2013, PsychoPlastiks launched their own program (“Spooky Farm Radioshow”) on CoolBeats Radio.

You can enjoy our tracks and our DJ set on Soundcloud, Mixcloud and YouTube.

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