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Electronica Funk / R&B Electro House Tech House +2

Ever since German DJ Psychofrakulator was young, he loved to BLAH, BLAH, BLAH WHO WANTS TO READ THAT?! You heard it all before anyway, so let’s make it short:

Psychofrakulator is a DJ of broad strokes. His sets are all about having fun, because that’s what dancing is all about. Inspired by versatile DJs like Fatboy Slim, Felix da Housecat or Armand van Helden, and increasingly bored by the modern German clubculture, that is more about listening to monotonous Minimal beats while showing off your new designer sunglasses and complaining about how commercial DJ XYZ is these days, he decided to do his own thing.

That didn’t make him rich and famous, but his eclectic DJ sets, his weekly web radio show (every Friday at 10pm CET on his website and his sense of humor earned him a small, but loyal and constantly growing fanbase.

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